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Did probate from the UK for a property in South Africa, Roy made it so easy

“Mr. Roy Bregman assisted me in winding up my late Mother’s Estate. 

Roy is one of the most consummate professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is extremely efficient and experienced. He is kind yet always professional, and when necessary he is tenacious. As a result the Estate was wound up much quicker than I anticipated. I recommend his services without reservation.” Marilette

“I can heartily recommend Bregman Moodley Attorneys Inc. As the executor of my late uncle’s estate, Mr Roy Bregman was efficient and knowledgeable, sensitive to the circumstances, and always articulated his explanations of the legal processes simply and accurately. The estate was wrapped up as smoothly and speedily as such an undertaking can be, and his fees were very fair for the work involved.” Meryl.

“Roy Bregman Esq was incredibly helpful in closing out my late mother’s Nedbank bank accounts which (from outside of the country, Seattle) had been a most frustrating process. Mr Bregman knew what to do. He faced many a roadblock but stuck with the plan and prevailed. I am very grateful for his help.” Stephen.

“I had a very challenging and complicated deceased estate case which Roy Bregman handled with thoughtful, kind support whilst navigating the legal maze with skill and integrity. Throughout the process, I felt fortunate and appreciative that I had Roy at the helm, especially as I was in the US and the case in South Africa. Roy made it all manageable, taking me from start to successful completion. I highly recommend his services, and would not go to any other attorney, but him.” Sandy

“Roy, thank you so much for all the help you provided us in handling our mom’s deceased estate. The whole family is so grateful to you and the professional way you handled our matter”. Noni

“The unexpected death of my wife’s younger brother, who was the last remaining member of her immediate family, in South Africa during the early days of the Covid pandemic meant that we were unable to travel from Australia to RSA to establish & progress the process of finalising his estate. Consequently, it was necessary for us to appoint a local agent and through a word of mouth recommendation we approached Roy Bregman of Bregman Moodley to take on this responsibility, which he kindly did.

Unfortunately, owing to the unpreparedness of my wife’s brother for his passing, the collection of & access to information and documentation relevant to the winding up process was an extremely difficult & lengthy exercise. Roy and his team proved to be determined in their efforts to uncover and process all the identifiable aspects of the estate and, in what must have been a very frustrating environment for them over a long period of time, did an exceptional job in tying together and packaging the estate’s components. We have been kept fully informed of the hurdles & progress during this exercise and, in particular, Roy has been dedicated, patient & professional in his approach to this matter.
Owing to factors outside of Bregman’s control it has been a long & trying process and at this time, while 98% complete and cleared, we continue to wait on the South African Revenue Service to complete a transaction that will enable us to absolutely & formally finish the estate wind up, which we expect to occur in a matter of weeks.

Notwithstanding this remaining final action, we are well satisfied with the efforts of Roy and his team in bringing this matter to its final point and happily recommend them.” Tony & Heather.

“Bregman Moodley Attorneys are an exceptional team that can be recommended any time. They dealt with my matter in property dispute so swiftly it seemed effortless, at an affordable rate and with outstanding customer service. Thumbs up to the receptionist Mrs Petunia Mathekga and the associate who dealt with the matter Mr. Dean Brainin – Regards to Sharusha as well. L Maleko”

“I had a very challenging and complicated case which Roy Bregman handled with thoughtful, kind support whilst navigating the legal maze with skill and integrity. Throughout the process I felt fortunate and appreciative that I had Roy at the helm, especially as I was in the US and the case in South Africa. Roy made it all manageable, taking me from start to successful completion. I highly recommend his services, and would not go to any other attorney, but him.” Sandy

“From the moment I first contacted Bregman Moodley Attorneys, right through to my case being completed, they have been professional, helpful and an absolute pleasure to deal with. The quality of their services is top class. I was kept up to date each step of the way, and all my questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. I highly recommend them. Thank you” BMA!

“Roy, thank you so much for all the help you provided us in handling our mom’s deceased estate. The whole family is so grateful to you and the professional way you handled our matter”. Noni

“My experience in dealing with Bregman Moodley Attorneys Inc was very pleasant.  Sasha and Roy were very professional, quick to react to my emails and address my queries with attention to detail.  The final product, an addendum to our ANC, was very well drafted and addressed all the concerns which I had. Thank you for the excellent service!” Ettienne

“Thanks for all your assistance and advice, Sharusha. You have been on the ball and on point with all your advice. It has been professional, and you have been swift to action/respond at all times. Really was comforting being under your counsel”. Karen

“Thanks so much to you and the team. From the onset, I felt everything was done with my best interest at heart, and a real effort to get the best possible outcome for me. Hallelujah!!! Thank you so much for everything, especially the professionalism I was treated with, which was a far cry from my previous experience. You guys are awesome

I will be forever grateful to Roy for how swiftly and professionally he handled my divorce. He explained every step well and responded fast to my questions. This was a long-distance case but it could not have been in better hands or under better control than with Roy. Thank you, Roy. You made a painful process more bearable. Sonya

“Nearing my retirement I found myself in the unenviable and unexpected position of having to support my wife and sister-in-law with a lawsuit they were about to launch against two aunts and an uncle who had colluded to gain control of my late father-in-law’s estate, based on a fraudulent will.I needed an attorney firm to urgently represent us.Over my 45 year career in corporate and investment banking I have dealt with most of the major law firms in Johannesburg.  My wife and I are also not unfamiliar with litigation, having personally successfully litigated for five years against the Gauteng Education Department for a major eye injury caused to my son while he was under their care as a primary school learner.Circumstances prevented me from using the same law firm as before (its main partner had absconded overseas).  My dilemma was whether to now use a large law firm or a smaller law firm that, on the face of it, would provide a more personal working relationship at a more reasonable cost.  Location was also important.  I scoured the internet, found Bregman Moodley, and bounced this name off the advocate that had represented us in our prior lawsuit.We were not disappointed.  Bregman Moodley helped us to successfully litigate against our opportunistic relatives and, thereafter, to wind-up the estate.Bregmans’ depth of experience, their energy, and their network, proved invaluable.  They procured the services of a top handwriting expert who’s findings proved pivotal.  Their close working relationship with a brilliant advocate also meant we rarely had reason to check up to see that matters were being kept on course.  We were given feedback every step of the way.Bigger is not necessarily better.Thanks to our legal team:  Roy, Sharusha, Benita, Shasha and Nicole.  You are the best!
-Eric and Mandy

“Hi Roy, would just like to say BRILLIANT WEBSITE!!!! Helped me a lot re family law ;). Well Done!! 10/10 to you!!” Dalene

“When I decided to rehabilitate i sent emails out to 4 different firms. I was trying to avoid the bad experience i had during my sequestration. Mr Bregman was the only person that called me and then followed up with an email. He sounded extremely helpful and sincere. This impressed me as everyone else just emailed and there was no personal connection. This is the reason i decided on Bregman and Moodley. Most impressive was Mr Bregman told me step by step how things were to proceed and that is exactly how it progressed. He copied me in on all relevant emails so i was always in the loop throughout. The timeframe was as discussed and the quoted costs never varied at all. All in all, I have never had a more pleasant legal, attorney experience and i will without doubt recommend him in any field he specialises in and definitely use him in future should i need further assistance.” Wayne Lingard

“I have been receiving your e-mails for a while now and they are very informative, but this is not the reason for this e-mail. This e-mail is just to thank you for being the person that you are, sending the e-mails and now the free legal seminars to help people with information to guide them through whatever they are going through. I have been working with attorneys for 13 years and never ever experienced what I saw this morning. On behalf of the people that you will still meet and help – just want to say thank you for what you are doing for the people out there and may you and your company and staff be blessed”. Orsilla

“The service I have received from Bregmans has been phenomenal. Roy is awesome and he helped me out tremendously. The advice he gave was sound, practical and his counsel helped me so much and I am so grateful.” Gugu-Lisa

“My experience with Bregmans has been more of a friend relationship than a business one. I cannot believe the willingness to help with advice when needed. You guys deserve an award! You guys give the ‘Lawyers’ or ‘Attorneys’ a whole new meaning – ‘Friend’.” Alex

I just wanted to let you know that your website has been incredibly informative through my divorce and the handling of maintenance, children’s access and contact and all the in between. Every fight or threat that came my way I started googling and I always landed up on your site, now I just go straight to your site and my questions are answered.” Sarah

‘My name is Bridgette, and I have had the pleasure of reading your website for the first time today. I would like to convey my compliments on the quality of information provided, as well as the manner in which you have managed to portray your professionalism combined with genuine empathy for the person who finds themselves on the receiving end of some kind of legal wrangle or other. I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Una a good many months back via contact with the Father’s for Justice website and was overwhelmed by the heartfelt way in which my concerns were addressed. It was a custody matter, one which is close to my heart and, unfortunately hasn’t been resolved as funding the required course of action would be a mammoth undertaking. Reading the articles on the website today reaffirmed my initial views of Una who is clearly a representative of the ideals portrayed on the site. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making the wealth of information available on your website for people with my constraints, and look forward to making use of your firm when finances would allow it’.

I have found Mr Bregman to be an absolute gentleman and extremely professional. I could phone Roy at any time of the day or night and request assistance Once a matter is handed over to him he responds immediately and corresponds regarding steps taken. His invoices are forwarded monthly which I feel is essential in order to decide if is profitable to proceed with a matter. Monthly reports are also received on all matters. No matter is either too big or small for Roy.” Linda Hall – Macsteel Roofing

Looking for a South African based lawyer? In just two weeks from initial contact, Roy Bregman successfully completed an important legal research project for us; and, the whole process was handled online! Roy’s incredible understanding of the SA legal system and the firm’s efficient and highly professional methods make Roy Bregman Attorneys Inc the ultimate choice for any offshore client’ (Dr Charles Schofield, Managing Director, IES Conferences, Australia)

“Patient, honest and kind (what you don’t expect from a lawyer), while extremely knowledgeable; I trust him – both with our security, and our case. If you need a lawyer in the Johannesburg area, I can’t stress enough how great Roy Bregman of Bregmans is. Nathaniel Stern

“Thank you for the information I got off your web site. Very informative and encouraging. It’s very nice to see that there are lawyers out there that have the people’s interests at heart and are willing to give free advice.” Lilihana

“Thank you for a really, really wonderful website. I am totally broke, my ex is not paying maintenance, and from your website, I have learned so very much regarding my rights, and the mistakes that he has made in dealing with this issue.”Barbara

“I would like to thank you for your assistance for handling my rehabilitation case. Your service was excellent and it is worth the money I paid for. Thank you very much.” Belinda

A step in the right direction for sure! Thank you too for providing the most up-to-date, quality and helpful info with regard to legal matters. Whenever requiring legal advice or searching for any material with regard to SA Law, yours is always the very first site I visit, knowing I will find exactly what I need there!”


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