Legal Compliance Lawyers

Are you legally compliant? 

There are many different Acts which regulate the many different aspects of business. How do you know which apply to you and what makes you legally compliant?

A lot of unsuspecting business owners have landed up in court because of legal compliance issues and not because they were irresponsible but, because they were not aware of their legal duties in the first place.

Our legal compliance lawyers can help you successfully navigate the minefield of Acts that you need to comply with, such as:

The Companies Act

The Companies Act is a set of laws that governs the running of every business in South Africa and provides business owners and company directors with legal guidelines on how to run their companies according to the letter of the law.

The Consumer Protection Act

Just like the Companies Act, the CPA regulates the finer technicalities of running your business and regulates how businesses interact with their customers.

Protection of Personal Information Act 2013

POPIA seeks to regulate the processing of personal information. This broadly refers to information relating to identifiable, living natural persons as well as to information relating to juristic persons, such as Companies, Close Corporations, and alike.

We will assess the following documentation:

Company Act Compliance

  1. a. Your Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI);
    b. If you do not have a MOI, your current Memorandum of Association;
    c. Your Shareholders Agreement;

 National Credit Act, Consumer Protection Act and FICA Compliance

  1. a. Your Service Level Agreements;
    b. Your Provider Agreements;
    c. Sale of Goods;
    d. Lease Agreements;

 POPI Compliance

  1. a. Do you have a Privacy Policy in place?
    b. Do you have a Social Media Policy?
    c. Website terms and conditions?
    d. Email disclaimers?

If you are interested in content development such as agreements, brochures or flow charts, to name a few, we can provide this to you.

We can also produce compliance summaries and draft the internal manuals and policies of your business.

Your responsibilities will grow as your business grows, with far more legal frameworks needed to ensure that you are protected. This is where we come in.

To ensure compliance, contact us and meet one of our legal experts.