Bregman Moodley Attorneys Inc provides comprehensive family law services, including a specialisation in children law. Following a separation, divorce, or dispute between broken down relationships where children are involved, we work on a case-by-case basis to find a fair solution for all parties that considers parental access to children, in terms of what is best suited to the interest of the child or children.

In every case we work to find a solution that minimises the emotional, financial, and developmental impact that a separation has on children produced from the relationship, to see to it that their rights and development are properly protected.


In all instances, our team of family lawyers treat cases concerning access to children in terms of the Children’s Act, and how it defines ‘contact’ in relation to a child’s needs.

In terms of the Act, ‘contact’ means the following:

  1. maintaining a personal relationship with the child; and
  2. if the child lives with someone else-
  3. communication on a regular basis with the child in person, including-
    1. visiting the child; or
    2. being visited by the child; or
  4. communication on a regular basis with the child in any other manner, including-
    1. through the post; or
    2. by telephone or any other form of electronic communication.

Access to Children

Rights of a parent without custody Access to children A divorced parent who has not been awarded custody of his or her children has a

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Access to minor children

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Granny Flat

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Parental responsibilities and rights

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The Hague Convention

The Convention’s main object is to enforce rights of custody over a child who has been wrongfully removed to or kept in a foreign country

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If you would like to know more about our family law services related to the protection of children’s rights, be sure to get into contact with our Family Law specialist, Sasha Goldstein. Alternatively, for further details on our complete range of services, feel free to continue browsing our website for details.