Neighbour Law covers these areas:

At Bregman Moodley Attorneys Inc, we can help you deal with noisy neighbours and other neighbour law disputes. We can also act as mediators to help the unhappy neighbours find common ground, and so avoid further acrimony and, perhaps, litigation.

Our law states that a property owner is entitled to the free use and enjoyment of his property, provided that in doing so, he does not infringe on the rights of his neighbour. The guiding principle is one of “give and take” and “live and let live”.

Your remedies range from:

  • Approaching your neighbour, over a cup of tea, and tactfully telling him of the problem, and finding a mutual solution;
  • If that fails, appointing a mediator to resolve the dispute (and avoiding litigation at all costs);
  • Approaching the authorities;
  • As a last resort, approaching an attorney. Our courts will come to the rescue of an aggrieved neighbour if it is satisfied that the nuisance complained of goes beyond the bounds of reasonableness.


Noise nuisance and religion

When does the Islamic ‘Call to Prayer’ constitute a noise nuisance? The SCA in Madrasah Taleemuddeen Islamic Institute v Ellaurie [2022] ZASCA 160 at [11]-[19] heard

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