Meet Sharusha Moodley, our seasoned legal expert with a wealth of experience. Sharusha has been practising law since 2004 and is the driving force behind our litigation team.

Sharusha is highly skilled at resolving complex commercial and labour disputes for both large corporations and SME clients. As an accredited mediator, she excels in finding common ground and resolving conflicts, making sure parties reach settlements without the need for protracted court battles.

Sharusha’s team is your go-to source for comprehensive dispute resolution. They cover everything from negotiation, mediation, conciliation, and conflict resolution, helping you avoid the time and expenses associated with court proceedings. When it comes to commercial litigation, they’re well-versed in providing advice on civil disputes, litigation, and courtroom strategies.

At the helm of our Commercial Law department, Sharusha specialises in commercial drafting and litigation across various court settings, particularly in cases involving commercial and employment disputes.

Here’s a snapshot of Sharusha Moodley’s areas of expertise:

Ready to tackle your legal challenges with a trusted ally? Contact Sharusha Moodley and her team today for effective solutions and resolutions, saving you time and resources along the way. Don’t hesitate; let’s resolve your legal matters together.