Postnuptial Marriage Contracts: What You Need To Know From Bregman Moodley Attorneys

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals, often based on love, trust, and commitment. While prenuptial agreements have been a longstanding practice to protect assets in the event of divorce, postnuptial marriage contracts are gaining popularity as a means for couples to address financial and legal aspects after tying the knot. In this article, we will delve into the concept of postnuptial marriage contracts, shedding light on what you need to know with insights from Bregman Moodley Attorneys.

Understanding postnuptial marriage contracts

Postnuptial marriage contracts, also known as postnups, are legal agreements entered into by a married couple after the wedding ceremony. Unlike prenuptial agreements, which are signed before marriage, postnups are crafted and executed during the marriage. These contracts can cover various aspects, including the division of assets, spousal support, and other financial matters.

Reasons for considering a postnuptial agreement

There are several reasons why couples may choose to enter into a postnuptial marriage contract. Changes in financial circumstances, career paths, or family dynamics may prompt reassessing the existing marital agreement. Additionally, postnups can address issues that were not initially contemplated in the prenuptial agreement, providing a comprehensive legal framework for the couple.

Asset protection and division

One of the primary purposes of a postnuptial marriage contract is to outline how the couple’s assets will be divided in the event of a divorce or separation. This includes properties, investments, businesses, and other financial holdings. Bregman Moodley Attorneys emphasises the importance of clearly defining these terms to avoid disputes and uncertainties in the future.

Spousal support and maintenance

Postnuptial agreements can also address spousal support and maintenance payments. Couples may choose to set specific terms for financial support in the event of a divorce, providing clarity and transparency. This is particularly relevant when one spouse has experienced a significant change in financial status during the marriage.

Child custody and support

While postnuptial agreements primarily focus on financial matters, they may also include child custody and support provisions. Bregman Moodley Attorneys advises couples to work with experienced family law attorneys to ensure that any clauses related to children comply with legal standards and prioritise the child’s best interests.

Legal counsel and drafting

Crafting a postnuptial agreement requires careful consideration and legal expertise. Bregman Moodley Attorneys recommends that each spouse seek independent legal counsel to protect their rights and interests. Attorneys play a crucial role in drafting a comprehensive and legally sound agreement that meets the couple’s unique needs.

Review and updating

Just as circumstances in a marriage can change, so too can the terms outlined in a postnuptial agreement. We recommend couples review their postnups periodically and update them as needed to reflect any changes in their lives, ensuring that the agreement remains relevant and enforceable.

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Postnuptial marriage contracts provide couples with a valuable tool for addressing financial matters and protecting their interests during the course of marriage. 

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