Why is drafting a Will important?

Although not a comfortable topic to think about, drafting a Will is one of the most important things you will do in your life.

A Will is more than simply a document containing your last wishes. It gives your Executor specific instructions on how you wish your assets to be dealt with and administered upon death.

The wording in a Will is everything, as you will no longer be here to clarify or provide details on what you meant or your intentions regarding a particular aspect. It is vital to consult knowledgeable attorneys, such as Bregman Moodley Incorporated, to assist you in wording your Will so that there are no further questions about your intentions and no other interpretation is needed.

What are your decisions when drafting a Will?

People are often under the impression that because they do not own many assets or have no beneficiaries, they do not need a Will or a comprehensive Will. It does not matter whether your estate is large or small, you must make the decisions in your Will, and it is important to exercise them while you have the chance.

The document’s structure when drafting a Will shows a person that there is no such thing as a simple Will. The aspects to consider are decisions that a person has the freedom and flexibility to make, whereas if they do not, the decision will be up to other people and the law and may not be what they want.

The structure of a Will includes the heading, revocation clause, nomination of the Executor, powers and duties of the Executor, legacies, bequests, the residue, the creation of a trust, the appointment of guardians, exclusion from the community of property, provision for the sequestration of a beneficiary, funeral, burial or cremation instructions, the attestation clause, and the Date. Each of these aspects should indicate how many choices you have in drafting a Will and how getting the right advice from experienced attorneys, like Bregman Moodley Incorporated, can make all the difference to how the Executor follows your instructions.

Wills Week

In September each year is Wills week, hosted by the Legal Practice Council of South Africa. This week, the public may approach law firms to draft their Wills at no charge. The offer indicates the importance of preparing a Will during your lifetime and how important it is to consult an attorney for in-depth advice.

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