Is working from home working out?

Is working from home working out?

Under lockdown, the number of employees working either temporarily or permanently from home has surged.

‘Telecommuting’ does eliminate ever-lengthening commutes and allows employees to work the hours that suit them best. Management can hire applicants who live anywhere in the world. When the pandemic ends, will working virtually become the new normal?

Flexible work gives employees more freedom with their schedules but does not fundamentally change how they are managed. Companies must create a different kind of work culture.

Although some workers are happy to work remotely, other remote workers feel less connected to their company. Motivate your staff by encouraging them to raise any difficulties they have with their managers or co-workers. They could be upset with the company, their current job status, or another member of the staff. It is also possible that they are unhappy due to something unrelated to their time at work.

Experts warn of ‘significant physical and mental wellbeing challenges’ for staff working remotely – because of a significant shift in their work-life balance – and urge employers to recognise their responsibility to address these challenges and employee wellbeing.

Remote working can be liberating and highly productive but requires trust.

The risk of reputational harm has now increased commensurately. How can you effectively manage staff communication with customers when they are working remotely? If they are feeling ignored, underpaid or under motivated, they may resort to venting their feelings on social media posts.

I discussed the employees’ use of social networks and the problem that they may innocently or deliberately post communications concerning their fellow employees, your business practices or even confidential information about your business in this article.

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