Does A Good Fence Make for A Good Neighbour?

It is a common saying, especially in the United States, that good fences make for good neighbours. This is still true in South Africa, even though our idea of community differs to that of the Americans. The truth is that different people grew up with different ideas and means of living. This has shaped the way that they have grown up into homeowners.
And the other truth is that not everyone is a good neighbour. This tends to make harmonious living slightly difficult, especially when there are contradicting personalities. 

Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are important for any relationship to be successful and respectful, whether they are literal boundaries or metaphorical boundaries. These define the parameters of acceptable behaviour for that relationship. It is true that the reason South Africa has such high walls are for security and keeping intruders out of our homes. But it does have the added value of extended privacy from your neighbours as they will not be able to easily trespass or peep onto your property. 

But we also set personal boundaries with our neighbours and this are things such as how we interact with them, how deep of friendship you are willing to have with your neighbours and how you generally interact with them. 

Being Reasonable 

Unless you live on a farm or plot with a lot of space between you and your neighbours, you will be subjected to unpleasant situations from time to time, such as parties, loud noises from children, construction, or even noisy vehicles. It may get on your nerves but it is expected of you to put up with it, as your neighbours would put up with it if it were you having the parties, your children made the noise or you needed to make repairs and renovations to your home. But this is also within a limit. 

Vexing Neighbours 

However, some neighbours are going to be more interactive than others. And truth be told, some people will be subjected to vexing neighbours that will be making harmonious living a challenge. But it is all about how you deal with the problem that will make all the difference to your relationship with your neighbours. 

But sometimes peaceful and respectful conversation will not be the final solution to your relationship issues. Sometimes it might take more drastic steps to find a solution that suits both parties.  

Bregman Moodley Attorneys 

If your fence has not been enough to keep your relationship harmonious. If you have approached your neighbour respectfully to address a problem and it has not made a difference, or it made the situation worse, be sure to contact Bregman Moodley Attorneys. They offer speciality mediation for conflicting neighbours. 

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