Marriage Contract Testimonials

  • My fiancé and I have had a truly fantastic and hassle-free experience when obtaining our ANC with Bregman Moodley Attorneys. Mr Bregman makes the process so simple and quick that we had a complete prenup after a single consult with all our questions answered. I would definitely recommend Bregman Moodley Attorneys to anyone looking for efficient, professional and knowledgeable service. Marissa

  • We were both very happy with the process and your service. The telephonic support was precise and helpful. The service offered was professional and efficient and there were no intermediate issues in communication. The experience from the user friendly website to connecting with the lawyer was seamless and hassle free. Overall, it was a pleasure doing business with Bregmans Attorneys and we would happily recommend your services to others. Kind regards, Samantha Badenhorst
  • The service we have received was amazing! It was quick and easy and was not a hassle at all. We did not expect such an incredible service and we were blown away with your excellence. We are very thankful for all that you have done. We would recommend you and your service without a doubt to anyone! Regards, Melissa
  • My husband and I needed to arrange an ANC at the last minute as we had been overseas and unable to get to a lawyer. Roy was professional and helpful and accommodated us by meeting with us just a few days before our wedding in the middle of the December holidays. He walked us through the process and we were able to get the ANC arranged in a matter of a few hours. We were very happy with the service and would recommend Roy to others. — Drs Graham and Carol du Plessis
  • “Bregman Moodley Attorneys were an absolute pleasure to deal with. From the word go all our questions and concerns were addressed promptly making our legal process easily manageable. The online component works great too making the whole process very efficient.  highly recommended!” Ryan & Leeane Klette
  • “I recently re-married and required a fairly complicated Antenuptial Contract to suit the needs of both myself and my fiancé.  My first thoughts were of endless meetings with attorneys, enormous time commitments and complicated processes and paperwork – with an expense outlay to match.  Not a bit of it – if you use the online services of Bregman Moodley Attorneys.  The use of their website turned out to be effortless, uncomplicated and easy on the back pocket.  Their site is a model of ample explanation and easy understanding as it details the varying marriage contract options available, enables the automated acquisition of the specific contract desired and even generates a Power of Attorney to enable Bregmans to lodge the paperwork with a Notary and at the Deeds Office. The Marriage Contract particulars are populated from an easily completed template which includes a list of assets that are to be excluded, in as much detail as needed.  Once the online process was finished everything functioned like clockwork.  The documents were sent to me for signature by all parties, a letter for the marriage officer was produced, everything was lodged at the Deeds Office and returned to me promptly.  And to top matters I was able to do everything from the comfort of my desk with absolutely no need to interact with anyone – although the option of a face-to-face meeting was available.  I would definitely commend the Bregmans online site to anyone interested in efficiency, professionalism and accessible support.   Kevin Penwarden”
  • “The service has been really efficient. The team has been helpful and the process is very user friendly and works well with minimum effort. Making the experience stress less and one of high standards. – Thank you Jean and Celeste”
  • “My husband and I purchased our Antenuptial Contract through your website, and want to thank Bregman Moodley Attorneys for the professional service that we acquired! We can’t believe how simple, stress-free and efficient the online process was, and we are so grateful for the immediate attention we received on the placement of our order.
  • Roy was so helpful with drawing up a contract that suited both me and my husband. He was so helpful and patient, explaining the process to us step by step. During a challenging time when we couldn’t agree, he became a voice of reason which made a really big difference. I would highly recommend his services to my family and friends. – Cynthia Khensani Magaoi.
  • Having looked on the WWW for an attorney advertising ANC contracts, I noticed one company that stood out above the others.Good advertising, a very reasonable / much lower than the other companies. I assessed the advert and thought “this must be a scam”. However, I decided to give Bregman Moodley Attorneys a chance and what a great move this was! The service was incredibly quick and highly efficient. I was totally blown away with the professionalism, speed and cost.WOW – IF ONLY ALL THE COMPANIES IN SOUTH AFRICA WERE AS GOOD AS YOU ARE – GREAT SERVICE AND THANK YOU.Sincerely, Richard & Karen

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