Have you made a will? If not, why not?

Most people don’t have a will. Is that because the making of a will is an admission of one’s mortality? More often than not, we are requested to draw a will at short notice because a client is leaving for holiday or is about to have an operation. A will is a very important document and should not be left to the last moment as an afterthought.

If you have not made a will, we urge you to do so without delay. On the other hand, if you have a will, perhaps now would be a good time to revise it, because of changed circumstances.

Please remember that if you have minor children and die intestate (without a will), the laws of intestacy will apply and whatever your minor children become entitled to may be locked into the Guardian’s Fund until they attain the age of majority. Not only can the funds not be touched (without going to the Guardian’s Fund, cap in hand), but the interest that is earned in the Fund is entirely nominal.

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