Have you been blacklisted?

Bregmans can help with rescission’s of judgments and removal of adverse listings. We also rescind administration orders and emoluments attachments orders (garnishees)

According to the Credit Ombud, “Blacklist is a misleading term, which came about when credit bureaux only kept negative information. In the 1980’s, following international trends, credit grantors are now encouraged to also share positive information about their customers, as this facilitates access to credit. The perception that credit bureaux only keep negative data is therefore not true. For example, about 60% of the information held on credit bureaux is positive information. One cannot be blacklisted but can be part of the 40% who have a negative notation. The data is not divided into good and bad it is all on one comprehensive database.”

Maricha Brits, is acknowledged as one of the foremost consumer law specialists in South Africa. Read her bio. She specialises in the rescission of judgments and the removal of adverse reports, administration orders and garnishees.Contact Maricha using the form below.



The Office of the Credit Ombud resolves complaints from consumers and businesses that are negatively impacted by credit bureau information or when a consumer has a dispute with a credit provider, debt counselor or payment distribution agent. See their complaints procedure

The Department of Justice has published useful SELF-HELP GUIDELINES FOR CONSENT RESCISSION OF DEFAULT JUDGMENT in the Magistrates’ Court.

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