A lesson for estate agents

Include a date for fulfilment of a suspensive condition

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The failure of estate agents, when drawing up a deed of sale in which there are suspensive conditions, to include a date by which these must be fulfilled had repercussions in a recent High Court case (Reddy v Govender), notes Lanice Steward, MD of the Cape Town agency Anne Porter Knight Frank, in a report on the Realestateweb site. The case came about because the agent cancelled the agreement with the buyer, who had not obtained a bond after a month, even though there was no date stipulated for the raising of a bond in the agreement. The argument, therefore, says Steward, hinged on whether the four or five weeks that had lapsed was reasonable or sufficient time to raise such a bond. In its decision the court referred to several cases, including one in 1979 in which the judged had ruled that ‘this type of operation’ can be time-consuming and that the appellant had not proved that the defendant had had enough time. Much the same argument, the court ruled, could be put forward in this case.
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