Keep a custody journal

If you are divorced or separated and share contact times with your ex you should keep track of the time you spend with your kids

You should write down the following in a journal:

  1. Agreed exchange times (when you are supposed to see the kids on weekdays, weekends, public holidays, school holidays, birthdays, etc)
  2. Modified exchange times (when you actually had contact with the kids)
  3. Reasons for modifications (by agreement, illness, your ex unilaterally changed contact times, etc)
  4. Notes for the day (while events are still fresh in your mind make a note of every event – positive or negative – that affects your kid’s lives)
Although simply having written something down in a journal doesn’t prove that it actually happened, it is important to be able to back up any claims that are made about times or events.
Having a well-organized journal does go a very long way to show:
  1. How much time you actually had contact with the kids (compared with what the court ordered you to have)
  2. The reasons why each visitation was changed
  3. Discrepancies between the court-ordered schedule and the real-life schedule.

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